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Callus treatment Corn removal

Callus treatment and hard skin removal

Don't know what is causing painful calluses on your feet? Our chiropodist at Lesley Mair specialises in diagnosing and treating foot problems. After the thorough examination of the affected area, an appropriate treatment will be recommended.


It is advisable for women with painful calluses on their feet to wear flat shoes instead of high-heeled shoes.


Visit our chiropody clinic today to effectively remove the hard skin or callus that puts pressure on the tissue and causes pain and discomfort. Call Lesley Mair in Twickenham, Middlesex on

020 8892 3259

Treatment for painful and infected corns

Infected corns can be painful, inflamed and oozing pus. If left untreated the inflammation can spread to the rest of the foot. This has to be examined and treated by a professional. Contact our experienced chiropodist at Lesley Mair for corn treatment which may involve antibiotics, pus drain and removal of the affected skin. Routine foot care can prevent the formation of corns and calluses in children and adults.


In addition to effective foot treatments for all types of foot problems, we also offer preventative foot care services.

Callus and corn treatments in Twickenham, Middlesex