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Treatments for fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections are caused by microscopic fungus that enters the body through a fingernail or toenail. These infections occur most often in toenails than in fingernails. Fungal infections in toenails can be dangerous for a diabetic patient or a person with weak immune system. You can identify a fungal infection by thick and discoloured toenails.


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Treatment for painful ingrown toenails

Are your toes inflamed, bleeding or oozing pus? This may occur due to an ingrown toenail that may be infected. The ingrown toenail pierces the skin and makes the toe tender. Nail and foot infections in diabetic patients can take longer to heal. If required, we can use local anaesthetic to numb your toe before cutting the edges of your toenails or removing it completely with a nail surgery.


Fungal infections can be prevented, if you keep your shoes and socks dry, and avoid walking barefoot on dirty surfaces. Likewise, cutting your nails properly and wearing well-fitting shoes can prevent ingrown toenails. In addition to expert advice on foot care, we also offer treatments for corns and calluses in Middlesex.

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