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We offer a wide range of foot care services

Lesley Mair in Middlesex offers a range of foot care services to meet the needs of our patients. Lesley Mair is a fully qualified and highly experienced chiropodist, practising in Twickenham and the surrounding areas.


With the combined efforts of our preventative approach to foot problems and routine foot care in a well-equipped chiropody clinic, we ensure you get high-quality foot care services.

  • Effective foot treatments for all types of foot problems

  • Routine foot care and preventative foot care

  • Treatments for footwear problems

Cure and prevention of painful foot problems

Our routine foot care includes toenail cutting, hard skin removal, debridement of corns and calluses, foot massage for chronic foot strain. We can prescribe the use of felt padding and corrective inserts as pressure relieving techniques for chronic foot pain. In addition to routine foot care, we also provide expert advice and guidance to our patients at all times.


Now you can cure painful foot problems with an easy visit to our chiropody clinic or our chiropodist can treat you in the comfort of your home. Contact us for all your foot care needs. Call Lesley Mair in Twickenham, Middlesex on 020 8892 3259

Routine foot care for improved foot health