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Verruca treatment for children and adults

Verrucae are warts that develop on the soles of the feet due to viral infection. It is contagious and when left untreated can spread to the rest of the foot. The pressure exerted on the verrucae from standing and walking can be painful.


Lesley Mair in Middlesex offers effective foot treatment for verruca infections in children and adults. Verruca removal when done by the patient at home can cause further damage. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help.


Verrucae are more common in children than adults because with age, the body can develop immunity to this virus.

Causes of verruca development on the feet

Verrucae can spread from public swimming pools and showers in gyms and schools. Walking bare feet on a dirty surface is an ideal situation for verruca infection. The infection can take months and sometimes years to subside. If you notice small bumps or growths on the soles of your feet, contact your physician immediately for diagnosis and expert advice.


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Timely treatment for contagious verruca infection